How will be ‘Kemono Friends 3 PC Edition’?


Last Kemono Friends Report announced that Kemono Friends 3 PC Edition.
I will issue a summary article of that when the details are announced, but as I cannot wait for it, I will going to predict what it is like.

This is MY prediction, so there is no accuracy. Please understand it.

What We Know Now (今わかっていること)

For now we know these three things.
KF3 PC Edition:
* Will be distributed by DMM GAMES
* Can be played by the same account in the Smartphone Edition
* Will begin accepting advance registration any day now


First, I am going to explain what ‘DMM GAMES’ are.

Most of DMM GAMES are played not by downloading but on the Internet.

For example, ‘Kantai Collection’.

They are played on the Internet, so I thought they can be played by whatever can connect to the Internet, but they are played only by Windows and Mac OS.

But Kemono Friends 3 is a 3D game, so I think that it needs enough performance.

What Game (どんなゲームか)

4Gamer says that it is categorized, ‘RPG’, so KF3 PC Edition will be like the Smartphone Edition, I think.
So it can be played by the same account as the Smartphone Edition.

(I would like the Smartphone Edition to be able to be played by the same account as the Arched Editon ….)

How Much …? (金の話)

I think that everyone is worrying how much it takes.

Do not worry. ‘Perhaps’ it takes no money.
There is no game taking any money of all DMM GAMES, so perhaps KF3 will not take any money either.

Finally (最後に)

I have written a lot, but I think that even the PC Edition will be the same as the Smartphone Edition.

Playing KF3 by PC ―― It is lovely good, I think.

I look forward it. How about this for you?

If you have your prediction about it, please write it as your comment.

Thank you for reading all.

(Written by the manager. Translated by one of user of this website)



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    誤:For example, ‘Kantai Correction’.
    正:For example, ‘Kantai Collection‘.

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