【Prediction】 I’ve Predicted What Company Makes the 3rd Season by Referring My Predicting What Company Makes the Anime 2nd Season


This time I will predict what company makes next KF anime(which may be made) by referring my predicting what company make the anime 2nd season written on my old blog.

* My predicting on my old blog was written on 10th September, 2019.

Sunrise (サンライズ)

When I issued the predicting article on my blog, the company was been bringing up among many people.

The latter half of 2017(when the negotiations between Yaoyorozu and KADOKAWA collapsed,) Rumor had it that the company would make the 2nd season if my memory is right.

After that around March, 2018, It began to be said impossible Sunrise makes the 2nd season anime, but after that no one has said about it.

Sunrise was Tatuki’s workplace long ago, and makes the anime of ‘Sergeant Frog,’ so it got animation-making offers, I think.


This company is a member of KFP, and is a company Bushiroad has close a relaton with.

Long ago people on Kemono Friends BBS posted it would make the 2nd season anime, and I was making the posting a reason to say ISSEN may makes, but now there is not the BBS, so I cannot quote the posting.

So if there are the logs of the BBS, I can talk about it, but there is not that, so I haven’t got the way to talk, so I’ll stop talking about ISSEN.

Tomason (トマソン)

That was the right answer.

Then I was making five things the reasons.

* Tomason have got a person in charge of art which makes an anime, ‘Welcome to the Japari Park'(the pictures are like the PVs of KF2)

* Tomason was recruiting 3D animators on May, 2018

* There was a sentence, ‘We’ll make a popular anime series televised next year!’

* A TV Tokyo producer, Mr Hosozaki was followed by Tomason on Twitter

* Then Tomason was converting its website

They were all applying to that, I’m thinking now.

After that many thing happened. I am going to talk about it next time.

What Company Will Make Next KF Anime? (次のアニメは?)

I have talked about three companies, but I don’t think no company of three will make next KF anime.

However, I think Tomason may make next anime if KF2 was good for Tomason.

If Tomason have got any energy left, it will make next anime.

To be honest, I cannot say for certain what company will make next anime.

Finally (最後に)

There were many predictions Tomason would make, I look back.

Maybe now there are many predictions what company will make next anime.

If I find them, I am going to write about it.

Thank you for reading.



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