【Goods】 On July 23rd, GraffArt Shop Will Begin to Sell Some KF Goods, which Their Theme Is the Sea, in Ikebukuro Main Shop and on its E-commerce Site【英訳】


My reborn site, The Kemono Friends Gazette’s first article is about “GraffArt Shop” which I introduced many times.
On July 23rd, it will begin to sell KF goods, which their theme is the sea, in its Ikebukuro main shop and on its E-commerce site.

Sold Goods

・Stickers – 500 yen
・Gadgets Case (with 10 soda pop flavoured sweets) – 800 yen
・Character-printed A5-sized File Folder – 800 yen

・Tin Badge (6 kinds) – (one badge) 480 yen, (BOX) 2,880 yen
・Acrylic Stand (6 kinds) – (one stand) 800 yen, (BOX) 4,880 yen

* The prices are shown without 10 per cent Sales Tax.

Place where the Goods Are Sold

(1) GraffArt Shop Ikebukuro main shop, “ジャパリパークおみやげ販売所 (Japari Park Omiyage Hanbai-zyo)” (1-25 Higasiikebukuro Toyosima-ku Tokyo 170-0013 JAPAN)

(2) E-commerce Site

These goods seem to express summer.
I want some gadgets cases.



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